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The lagoon, immediately lớn its north, is a rich source of fish, shellfish, turtles, alligators, wild plant foods, and other lacustrine resources.

There are sharks in the water, alligators on the island, and a hidden explosive in the boat.

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The alligators swim may refer lớn an habitual sự kiện, in which case it is highly unlikely that the adult would respond as here.

The alligator clips were used lớn attach the robots lớn small cuffs placed around either the rat's lower shank or paw, as described below.

I could indeed have waltzed through with half a dead alligator.

It is easy lớn forget that one's original intention was lớn drain the swamp when one is up lớn one's ears in alligators.

It is all very well lớn say that this is lượt thích putting an alligator into a water-lily pond.

Let us remember that characteristic of the alligator.

Alligators and crocodiles have been used in scenes where the excitement has depended on the hero swimming for his life among them.

We know that conservationists are particularly worried about the crocodile and alligator families, the vicuna and tortoiseshell.

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Perhaps the most appalling example concerned a baby alligator.

We have all read about alligators and large lizards being kept in the bath.

To put it another way, when one is up lớn one's behind in alligators one is apt lớn forget that one's original purpose was lớn cleanse the stream.

A pet cửa hàng owner sold a baby alligator lớn a child and, within a short time, the parents had lớn keep the alligator in a bath.

Male alligators are known lớn use infrasound during mating bellows.


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