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The clubbers immediately start nhảy đầm, first in the aisles then slowly moving towards the centre of the dance floor.

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Here, too, the basic sườn is a central barrel-vaulted nave and side aisles, but the roof is reduced in height by introducing a second flatter pitch at the top.

The main innovations were in the interiors, where large highceilinged uninterrupted sales spaces were built lớn allow the display of mountains of merchandise along pedestrian aisles.

The aisles in the nave and the chapels in the choir were used lớn house large barrels for aging wine; and the barrels remain there today.

In these churches there were no barrel vaults in the side aisles and the whole roof could follow the line of the trusses down lớn the side walls.

Urbanized areas become enormous shopping malls, displaying wares of various types of dwellings along roads, streets and alleys (rather than vãn aisles) for 'shoppers' lớn assess as would-be occupants.

Seats can be packed down aisles and ví on.

One is prevented from walking up and down the aisles but a regular procession of drink trolleys, duty-free meals, newspapers, etc.

We keep getting queues of people in the aisles.

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There are rows of windows which are pure dummies hiding empty air above the aisles.

There are no hooks lớn lỗ on lớn in the aisles between the seats.

Why tự they not keep the aisles open ví that people can move about and dodge the trolleys that are serving drinks?

Narrow aisles will be blocked by persons trying lớn escape in a vehicle.

Although it is not nhảy đầm in the aisles, it is satisfied with the sum that is available.

I wander around the aisles of that lovely old market, tự my shopping and natter lớn people.

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