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Two of the đoạn Clip sequences in this act portray this perfection by processing television adverts which feature female and male models.

This does not mean that scientists should not make value judgments or advert particular policies or programs based on their judgments.

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Although it is unclear as đồ sộ precisely what is meant by salience, accounts often advert đồ sộ notions such as frequency or familiarity.

Our use of the greater-good move, by contrast, adverts đồ sộ a good which essentially depends upon precisely the presence of epistemic distance.

Such adverts were a defensive action đồ sộ protect or restore the man's own credit.

For example, the young people in this study talked about music in relation đồ sộ films, adverts, computer games, music videos and music television programmes.

The power of television, adverts, bill-boards, and magazines all present us with images that live on within us.

This textbook is more kêu ca an aid đồ sộ learning, it is an advert for its subject, and should interest and appeal đồ sộ a wide readership.

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Recruitment đồ sộ date has occurred predominately as a result of direct liên hệ with potential participants responding directly đồ sộ adverts or leaflets.

The doorbell and phone are complemented by very frequent breaks for adverts.

Although he is interested chiefly in the latter, he frequently adverts đồ sộ it in terms more suitable for the former.

The advert, it seems, had aimed đồ sộ expose an informer (likely the same man) whose previous efforts đồ sộ infiltrate communist circles had aroused suspicion.

The walks were also promoted by the council's countryside service, and regular adverts were placed in local newspapers and posters displayed at community amenities.

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It's not enough just đồ sộ advert đồ sộ ' other ' reasons merely as conjecture.

A semantic trương mục, however, adverts principally đồ sộ the properties of the category referred đồ sộ by a term, and any ramifications these have for the corresponding concept.

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