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This work was adapted as a television film in 1996.

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They also undergo some endocrinological changes which means they adapt for the change in osmosis from fresh water to lớn salt water.

Main modifications were made in order to lớn achieve a crisper and better adapted gearbox to lớn higher-rpm upshifts.

He had a very difficult time adapting to lớn the changes within the student toàn thân and their demeanor.

This area has very little free-standing water and therefore this species has adapted another way of tadpole development.

These mammals can be broadly categorised based on their adaptability in high altitude into two broad groups, namely "eurybarc" and "stenobarc".

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Accordingly, the term adaptation decomposes into the two terms adaptivity and adaptability.

In this plan, he pioneered the adaptability of the areas for differing functions.

The company had a strict structure and lacks adaptability when providing for its 40 million patients.

It was praised for its extreme simplicity of construction, operation, compact size, high efficiency, economy, durability, and adaptability.

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